None of us wants to eat medieval tasteless food anymore. We are still looking for new flavors and flavors and seasonings, but we do not delve into where these flavors come from. Buying ready-made food from the store, you can’t be confident enough until you read the tiny text about ingredients. Fragrances, colors and flavor enhancers are often included in the list of seasonings. Sometimes they are mentioned as natural, but often not. Be very critical specially about colors and flavor enhancers. If possible, choose products with a shorter list of ingredients and fewer additives. Additives are known to cause anxiety disorders and allergies, especially in children, and are extra burden for a whole organism.

However, when you cook at home, you’re the chef and you can let your fantasy fly. So don’t accept the most primitive solutions, but get to know more about the mysterious world of spices and herbs. The spices most people know in their sleep are, of course, salt and pepper. Dill and parsley are also first in everybody’s minds with the star herb of the new era – coriander. Given the rich world of spices and herbs, this is shamefully few. Spices and herbs are powerful antioxidants and fight free radicals. They strengthen our immunity and contribute to maintaining youth.
I often hear people complain that vegetarian food is tasteless. Although the taste of vegetarian food depends to a large extent on the quality of the raw materials (organic and farm-grown raw materials are much more tasteful), it is possible to make food much tastier with flavors. Even the same basic food can give completely new food experience if seasoned differently.

When seasoning food, look for the main flavors – salty, sweet, sour and bitter, and try to balance them. In general, you should leave the seasoning to the final phase, but there are a few exceptions. Turmeric, for example, is activated in its full glory only in a hot pan, wallowing in the oil. Same goes for black pepper. Put these two together and their effect will be enhanced. Do not rush with salt, because adding salt too early will tear the liquid out of the food and change both the consistency and taste. You may wanna be rather modest in using salt, since it overloads the kidneys and heart, irritates the nervous system and reduces bone density. Use more fresh herbs instead of salt. Parsley, coriander, thyme and rosemary are strong enough herbs and are very much able to make food tasteful. Quite small daily amounts are enough to boost the body’s immunity and stimulate cleansing processes. Dill and green onions probably don’t need a tour, and they could be in everyday use. Peppermint, melissa and basil are appreciated because they are suitable as companions for both sweet and savory foods and drinks. Try adding them, for example, to a smoothie or pastries. And don’t skimp – the essential oils in them have a stimulating effect on your senses as well. The green pile on top of the soup is rather common, but try to add herbs to salty porridges, sandwiches, doughs and sauces. Get acquainted with the fascinating leeches and search for old-timers from your grannys garden corner. Prefer adding herbs to food in fresh form, so their taste is more pleasant and the effect is stronger. Of course, you can find everything in the jar sold in a store, and this is a good alternative in the absence of a better one, but always prefer freshness, because your body would make the same choice.

Although herbs are suitable for many dishes, there are still certain foods that prefer a vigorous touch of spices. In addition to turmeric, well-known spice mixtures do not require separate introduction, and classic Asian dishes even call for them. However, try to expand this use as well! Add cinnamon and cardamom to your coffee foam or cocoa and you’ll get a good dose of antioxidants that will work for you immediately. A pinch of chilli takes drinking cocoa to a whole new level and lifts the happiness hormones to the ceiling. Sprinkle gingerbread seasoning on your morning porridge, muesli or ice cream and get a completely different experience for a change.
Once you start experimenting, you will go with the flow and you will soon discover that you have the perfect selection of spices and herbs for every situation.

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