For most of us, the idea of cold water alone can bring creeps to the body. However, this is a very enjoyable procedure (at least after some practice), which makes the body buzz of pleasure and gives a refreshing start to a any gray day.
The skin is our largest organ, and by affecting the skin we can affect the whole body. Although 80% of the blood flows in smaller blood vessels – capillaries – blood flows there much slower than in large blood vessels.  The contrast shower activates capillary circulation and stimulates many vital processes through it.

Regular (daily) contrast shower:
-cleanses and invigorates the circulatory system
-stimulates sedentary areas of the body
-activates all biological processes
-strengthens the nervous system
-improves metabolism
-intensively purifies and rejuvenates the whole organism
-normalizes the body’s electrical charge
-raises energy levels
-strengthens the heart

Contrast shower is one of the simplest and most effective healing procedures, consisting of the intermittent use of hot and cold water. The largest organ of the body – the skin – is directly affected by hot and cold water.

So, what exactly is going on?First of all, hot water expands the superficial blood vessels, and about 40% more blood flows into them. Then cold water narrows blood vessels and releases more blood into the organs. As a result, the organs receive more oxygen and nutrients, and healing processes are amplified. In addition, when pouring hot body over with cold water, a huge number of free electrons are formed, which instantly raises the energy level to the ceiling. These electrons, neutralize free radicals, which slows down aging processes. A sudden rise in temperature also destroys viruses.

How to take a contrast shower?
You could start with less extreme temperatures and little by little raise the temperature of hot water and lower the temperature of cold water. First, make yourself feel nice under warm water and quietly raise the temperature until you feel completely warmed up. Feel the heat in you and imagine how nice it would be to dive into a cool, smooth lake. This idea is becoming more and more appealing, and at the right moment, switch from hot water tor cold water. In the first few days, the water may be slightly cool, but start to make it colder little by little. The ultimate goal is to enjoy as cold water as it comes from the pipes. Hold on to the cold water for about half a minute to a minute, and then change the water again to the hot one. Warm yourself up and enjoy the refreshing cold again. Go through three hot-cold sessions. When under cold water, imagine how this fresh and clean water flushes everything unnecessary out of your body and fills you with new energy.
If you get cold after the procedure, you stayed under cold water for too long or the water wasn’t cold enough. Pay attention to how you feel – the goal is not to freeze yourself. After the procedure, rub yourself with a rougher towel.
Needless to say, it’s especially nice to pour yourself over with cold water after a sauna. In winter, you can also enjoy a short dip in the snow in contrast to the hot sauna. Our body enjoys such contrasts and rejuvenates into a new and healthier life.

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