When summer arrives in Estonia, our usual rhythm of life often flies into the trash bin and we think: ah! This is summer, I may…! Who eats more grilled food, who skips meals and replaces them with ice cream (as I sometimes do), who replaces water with beer or cider, who feeds exclusively on salad and iced coffee …

I find myself doing this, and I see it all around. It’s so humane and understandable! Hello! It’s summer at last! Let’s enjoy it! Today I don’t want to dash a beautiful life, I just invite you to notice the choices we make. Because if you do, you can make a different choice. At least sometimes…

-Before you throw another barbecue party, think about how you can balance the menu a little more. Do some homework and make an interesting salad, wok or grill summer vegetables and serve them with a nice mint sauce. Alternatively, you can arrange evenings of different national cuisines, involving family or guests in the cooking. Vietnamese spring rolls, Mexican wraps and tortillas, Italian family pizzas or risottos are good for a change from grilled meats and sausages. Sounds unexpected, but it is also possible to get a full stomach from fruits and berries. For a suitable company, offer a rich selection of fruits with homemade ice cream, sorbet or crispy apple strudel. If you long for some saltiness during the evening, then the vegetable tip, lavash or kale chips, oven-roasted garlic breads, etc. will give balance.

-If you’re eating lunch outside your home, step off the trail for a moment. Visit some new eateries and try new flavors. If you know you’ve gone too far with grilled food and meat, choose something for lunch to help your body clean up and give your digestion a rest. Grilled food is known to contain cancerous carcinogens, and meat increases the level of inflammation in the body, while being the hardest/longest digestible food ever. Give your body a chance to recover, keeping the balance as good as you can. You can!

Don’t skip meals completely, even if you feel there’s no appetite at all. You better think about what you’d like to eat right now. Skipping meals increases the likelihood of later snacking and supports making worse choices. Imagine the taste and smell of this food and you will find just the right food for this moment. Salads are well suited for summer lunches, of course, but make sure it doesn’t stay your main meal during the day. Fresh salad is a good choice, but it could be varied and include a variety of salads, a variety of vegetables, seeds and sauces in addition to leaf lettuce, cucumber and tomato. The richer the better! When preparing or ordering a salad, also pay attention to the freshness of the raw materials and, if possible, use estonian and pure raw materials at least in summer. During these few months, when we are able to make better choices about fruits and vegetables, we strengthen our health, give the body the opportunity to recover and increase the body’s resilience as high as possible by autumn.

Smoothies, smoothies, smoothies! There is always room for another smoothie, and thanks to its easy absorption, it quickly gives energy to the body! Again – be creative and create a change! If you don’t already have your own mini blender, now is the time to buy it, because this way you can make your “to go” smoothie really quickly.

-Always put an attractive jug of lemon/lime juice and honey-flavored bubble water on the table and make sure it will not lose its freshness. Water is the best thirst quencher, and since it also fills the stomach, it also reduces overeating. While sweet, effervescent drinks are tempting, don’t always grab the same thing off the shelf, just see if the new products contain perhaps less sugar and more natural flavors.
Since alcohol is very calorie-rich, replace it at least partially with non-alcoholic beverages. As a reminder: one 300 ml (4-5%) beer contains about 600 kcal and glass of wine up to 300 kcal. Thus, two beers can already become about half the average daily calorie…  Calculate yourself and consume rather with a small margin.
While the days of the week can be very similar during the holidays, make sure that there are at least 3 completely alcohol-free days per week. Your liver will bow to you for it.


Don’t skip meals but replace them with alternative butnutritious foods!

Don’t exaggerate with alcohol and sweetened drinks – get acquainted with new non-alcoholic drinks and be creative to make healthy summer drinks yourself!

Be aware of what you put in your mouth. The consumption of addictive foods can be reduced by consciously focusing on what is eaten and thus reduce the amount of food eaten.  But the second time…

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