We are learning creatures. We are also ambitious creatures who always want to discover something new and exciting, and not to pay too much attention to dayly routine activities.
Inevitably, learned activities become routine habits and therefore unoticable.

They say it takes 21 days for every new habit to emerge. It seems like a long time. But necessary. How else could we cope with all the habits that you’d hook up on a way. This is our security system – in 21 days you can make sure that the new “fashion” is still necessary and suitable for you.

Think for a second, what are your unnoticable habits? You may be surprised to discover that some of them have become irrelevant or even harmful over time. Try to spot them at least once! Because when we notice, our attention goes to what was noticed – once, twice, another time and so on. That’s how you have time to adjust and think. GET USED TO IT!

  • During the day, you may find yourself in situations that can generally be called traps. These traps work thanks to our automated habits and lack of attention.Are you an owl or a nightingale, there’s never too much time at the mornings. Quick washing procedures, quick breakfast and something comfortable to wear – you’re already on the street hurrying to meet the new day.If your mornings are tight as clockwork and you feel like in automatic mode, here’s an idea for you that you might want to consider…Get up in the morning just 10 minutes earlier and do some stretching exercises. Give yourself time to wake and focus on the new day that starts. All you need is a moment to be aware of the start of a new day (new opportunity!) and make the decision to be the best version of yourself today!

  • Most people start their day with a cup of exhilarating coffee. In our minds, this is how the perfect day should begin! The best thing you can do is enjoy it! Prepare coffee in your favorite way, take a moment off and make plans for the new day.  Prefer quality and fresh coffee and don’t let anything ruin your experience.
    So where’s the harmful habit?
    For a number of reasons, we should not drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day (many less). Considering the morning’s “pleasure”, you may be willing to give up or reduce the few cups during the day. Initially, you can “deceive” yourself with smaller cups or lighter coffee drinks. Prefer quality, not quantity!

  • In every car park there are most cars just near the entrance. Sometimes you get the feeling: can’t you really get any closer? Oh, how convenient it is to drive the car everywhere, park in front of the door and reach everywhere in non-existent steps. But it’s the steps we need! So about 10 thousand a day.
    So how do you get them?  Forget the habit of going anywhere by car and always looking for the nearest parking space.
    Leave the car a little further away from the destination and take the opportunity to walk longer.
    If possible, always walk on shorter distances.
    Sometimes choose a walk instead of watching TV.

  • Pleasant meetings, enjoyable activities, exciting people – if only all days were full of them… Inevitably, there are moments that we do not look forward to, but rather fear. The tension screws itself to the ceiling, you feel a stone in your stomach, and you start aimless rushing. If only it were over already…
    STOP! Stop overreacting, stop rushing!
    If you have important meeting/appointment/assignment ahead of you, go out 5 minutes early so you can relax and get rid of stress. If possible, find a moment to close your eyes for a moment and make some deep in-and-out breathing and focus on the positive. If something positive doesn’t come to mind, just think that at one point it’s over and imagine yourself satisfied about successful process. Breathing should not be underestimated here – long exhalation acts on the body as relaxation and closed eyes lower the frequency of our brain waves.

  • There are people who go to the grocery store every day and those who make most of the shopping on the weekend. In our daily shopping we inevitably rush and also tend to make more Unnecessary purchases. When you do the grocery shopping on the weekend and with the shopping list, you save a lot of time and money. In addition, your willingness to make better choices is probably higher. Maybe you’ll even go to the market and combine nice meetings with being in the fresh air.
    Anyway, watch what you’re buying! You may not like going to the grocery store, and therefore the usual or random products fly into the basket. We don’t even think often before reaching out for familiar goods. It’s good if you have found the right products and favorites, but sometimes try other alternatives.Don’t stick to the “we’ve always eaten white sugar” mindset, just try unrefined sugar for a change.Don’t get caught up in the outdated bias that “dark chocolate is bitter”, just try chocolates with exciting additives with a higher cocoa content.Look and be surprised when choosing favorite chips for the weekend – crisps are now also made from lentils and quinoa! Perhaps some of them are even without taste enhancers!?etc. etc..

  • Sleep disorders are a serious problem for many. Nothing often helps, and contacting a doctor or therapist is highly indicated. Much has been said about the pre-sleep routine and the creation of favorable conditions for falling asleep. They’re all going to help you before the problem gets serious.
    In fact, the thing is simple – remove harmful habits:
    -go to bed at the same time,
    -just before bedtime avoid eating and screens, 
    -if possible, sleep in cool and dark place.

You may have recognized some unnoticed habits. You may be surprised – it really is so! You may have already taken your habits under the magnifying glass and are taking the path of conscious choices.

You may need help and support to unravel your entrenched patterns and create new high-quality habits. You’re welcome to counselling or therapy, because where do you push it? Your life is already on!

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