Lectures and training courses in different forms are a good opportunity to gain additional knowledge on practical and vital topics.
The range of topics is wide and covers various themes, problems and activities related to a healthy lifestyle.
You can find ideas on the Health Topics page,  but I am very open to discuss any other topics as needed.

Training or lecture  for 1 hour 90 EUR
Training or lecture for 2 hours 150 EUR


I consider developing healthy eating habits for children and young people very important and therefore I offer lectures to schools and kindergartens on favorable terms.

Lecture can be aimed at young children, students of different ages, teachers or parents.
I happily support promoting of health behavior of children and young people and I am ready to offer various cooperation according to the possibilities of the school.

When ordering a lecture for senior school students, 1 hour for personal counselling (on school premises) FREE OF CHARGE

Lecture for 45 min 50 EUR
Lecture for 1,5  hours 90 EUR

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