You’ve had a cold and you feel your eyes start to tingle and your nose itches. The runny nose is probably not far away. Sometimes the first symptom is a scratchy throat or headache, a stiff neck or just heavy feeling.
As soon as you sense that something is different than it should be, take time out and focus on supporting your body in the fight against the virus. Would be best if you could take the rest of the day off and go home to reinvigorate yourself. If that’s not possible, know that the sooner you start supporting your health, the sooner the disease will pass. If you manage to react within the first half-hour or hour, it is very likely that you will not get sick at all, but will get away with a slight shock. Know that the virus that has entered your body or is activated in the body due to a cold starts to multiply at a sci-fi rate. The battle between the virus and your immune system has begun! Initially, the virus transfers its genetic material only into your protein or fat layer and is “more visible” to the immune system and easier to destroy. Also, the virus has not yet been able to reproduce itself en masse. However, the virus multiplies rapidly and moves into body cells. Now the immune system no longer finds the virus so easily, and the virus can multiply even faster. So in the fight against the virus the time works against you – every minute and hour counts!

So what exactly can you do then cold is about to catch you?

  • If you have been in cold, restore your body temperature as soon as possible. A hot shower, warm clothes, foot bath, hot tea, etc. are suitable for this.
  • If you feel that the nose is watery, rinse the nasal cavities IMMEDIATELY with cool water. Slowly draw water from the palm into the nostrils until you feel the water goes through them completely. Pulling water too fast can be painful, so be careful and do it slowly by “lurking”. Do this during the day as soon as you feel your nose become watery. If you capture the right moment and start this procedure immediately, then, as a rule, you will not get ill. A watery nose is just the body’s primary reaction to exorcising an intruder, and with your support, the body quickly gets rid of the virus.
  • Make one of the herbal teas for struggling with viruses. For example, sage, ginger, hedgehog hat, moringa, cistus, etc. Drink these teas several times a day.
  • A foot bath is one of the best things to start with when you feel sick! You can add mustard powder to the water- this will activate blood circulation even better. As the blood supply to the body improves, viruses are easier to find and the body’s ability to purify is more powerful. 15 minutes in tolerable hot water is enough! After the foot bath, put on natural wool socks and leave them on until you are healed. Even for the night! If possible, take a foot bath again in a few hours. Even several times a day!
  • In addition to tea, drink water with freshly squeezed orange juice and/or lemon juice. Drink a lot because it helps body to flush out the remains of the virus.
  • If you have fresh or frozen berries, make a jug of vitamin cocktail and consume it the same day and the next. The antioxidants and vitamins contained in the berries are the best supporters of the immune system! A vitamin cocktail could be relatively concentrated- remember, this is to fight the virus. The best berries for this are blackcurrants, blueberries, cranberries, cowberries, chokeberries, sea buckthorn and loggerhead berries, etc.
  • If you have a sore throat, make a strong sage tea and rinse the throat as often as you can. Put a natural wool or silk scarf around your neck and leave it on until you are healed.
  • If you feel that you may not have got the disease in time, then take 2 capsules of Pau D’Arco 3 times a day in addition to everything above. One day may be enough, but as a natural antibiotic it is also good support in case of more serious illness.
  • As a bonus, you can sleep with wool socks on and you will most likely be healthy by morning! If necessary, repeat all procedures until you are healed.

What not to do!

If you feel that the disease may be standing at your door and you do not want to let him in, then:
do not drink coffee and prefer herbal tea to green and black tea. Coffee is acidic and also takes liquid out of the body. This process is not working in your favor right now.

  • do not eat/drink sweet, dairy and wheat products. They’re all pro-inflammatory, and it’s better if your body can deal with the virus at the moment.
  • do not use teas/mixtures containing medicines or medicines (Theraflu, etc.) at this stage. They suppress the body’s self-healing and purifying processes. Give your body a chance to cope on its own and don’t burden it with extra chemistry.
  • don’t work out- rather rest and store energy

Each body is different, and the speed of healing depends on a number of circumstances. However, by supporting your body, healing is faster and the course of the disease is easier. When fever rises, do not rush in with medication immediately– fever is a natural reaction of the body, that destroys temperature-sensitive viruses. Monitor your being and you’ll sense when you really need medical intervention. It’s possible you don’t.
Since your immune system has just put out everything it had to heal you, make sure you’re extra supportive to it over the next few days. Do not catch a cold, eat healthy (vitamin-rich), drink a lot, rest more and avoid stress!

Of course, prevention is always better than fighting! Prevention means, above all, dealing with strengthening your immunity. Our built-in defense system constantly scans for pathogens, viruses, faulty cells, etc. It is within your power to support your body and give it everything you need so that it can do its job effectively.

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