Anyone who loves ice cream knows there’s nothing harder than indifferently walking past an ice cream parlor in the summertime.  Leave your favorite ice creams for quick purchases, but if you happen to have more time, check out the alternatives and see what’s new on the market.

1. Tempting packaging, of course, is not insignificant, but the content is still what matters.  Rather find out what ice cream is made of and be prepared to be surprised.  Most ice creams contain 20-30% sugar. That’s right – almost a third of your coon or stick. But there are also products with a lower sugar content – search and you will find, because every gram counts!
Syrups (glucose, maize, fructose syrup, etc.) and sweeteners (xylitol, sorbitol, etc.) which are difficult to break down in the body, i.e. an even worse option than sugar itself, may also have been used instead of sugar. Double chocolate and caramel are delicious, of course, but do you have to choose such a sugar bomb every time…? Treat yourself to your favorites, but also try alternative options for a change, the composition of which is milder for your body. Be especially attentive to children, because, sweet is known to become addictive quickly, has a bad effect on blood sugar levels, causes inflammation in the body, and also damages teeth.

2. Another thing to look for in the composition are additives. Many manufacturers still use artificial dyes, labeling them as E-substances or using complex names. However, I notice more and more natural, plant-based colors in the composition, and these, as a rule, are always explicitly stated. Flavorings and preservatives can also be the cause of allergies and will not benefit you or your child. Even if there is no allergic reaction, chemical additives are burdensome on the body, and many even harmful.  Always choose products with natural additives!

3. As a general rule, the shorter the list of ingredients, the cleaner the product. If the list of ingredients is so long that it is shrunken into microscopical due to a lack of printing space, and therefore not readable, then rather don’t buy this ice cream.

4. Ice creams, smoothie ice creams and juice sticks made from vegetable milks are also a good alternative to conventional cream and milk ice cream. In the latter, of course, there tends to be more dyes, since the color of the ice cream must be tempting. Smoothie and juice ice cream is also relatively easy to make at home, and you don’t have to worry about the composition.

You don’t have to give up ice cream – just make better choices! Soon you will notice that most ice creams are unbearably sweet and you will feel that the body is already on a new wave. Healthier.

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